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Pumpkin Divider - Free by etNoir
LittleTornSoul here
My dear Attü ;V; You are the best thing that could ever happen to me.. :heart:
I love you as much as I can love a friend :icosneakhugplz: you always cheer me up and that amazing song ( Always - Panic! At The Disco ) Still stuck in my head as your song ;v; <33
You know that I can't handle words otherwise I would write pages about how much I love you.
Please stay as you are forever :heart:
Your LittleTornSoul aka Jay





Hey folks! ^w^

Okay, long time since I've made a proper journal. o3o But I'm just too lazy //D Can't help it, sorry.
But now to my question!

Should I offer commissions?

I'm not really sure about it. The last time I tried to do some I failed. Like everytime I think 'Hell yeah, just do it!' I'm either too lazy or too busy with my schoolstuff to finish the commissions. But to the new year I thought I could give it a new chance! >w< 
And I'm out of points and many awesome people where I could cry because their art is so perfect offer commissions but that's not what's about

How would it be:

At the beginning I would open three slots 'cause I'm a lazy shit and I know five or six would be too much for me. .-. 
I can't really tell you how long it would takes. If I'm really motivated and have the time it could be finished within a few days(usually I'm a quick drawer). If it's a easy thing maybe it could just take a few hours. Buuuut that depends on the character/my motivation/etc. 

What I will draw/What I won't draw:

• male characters
• female characters
• oc's
• canon characters
• ecchi 
• yaoi/yuri

No DD:
• hentai
• anthros
• kids (I can't really draw them, sry)

So you see I'm really open for many things XD But don't overwork it, okay?

Types of drawings would be:
• Chibis
• Headshots
• Fullbodys
• Everything above with backgrounds

I can tell you I'm no person for details so if you want a picture with many details in I'll try it but this would really take a long time and I can't promise that it would be look so good. If I'm not satisfied with any result I would draw it as pretty as I can and apologise that I can't fulfill your commission wish.

Yush that's a easy thing for me. And maybe for you, too! :'DD 

Chibis would be between 10 and 20 points You can decide how much you want to pay! ^-^ How much the picture is worthing for you. 
Headshots would be between 30 and 45 points And again: You decide how much.
Fullbodys would be between 50 and 100 points You decide.
Everything with a background costs 10 points more. So for example: You get a chibi with a background and you want to pay 10 points, then you have to add 10 points more, so in the end you're paying 20 points. 
Every extra character costs 5 points

Oki, that should be everything >3< Just tell me if you would want a commission from me. I'm not really sure yet. ^^'' 

Thank you for reading this and have a nice day ~ <3
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: The Cab
  • Reading: Broken homes
  • Watching: Markiplier
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  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water x3
[ I'm in hell I've got to tell somebody else ] by BajirasSun
[ I'm in hell I've got to tell somebody else ]

Later. Now I'm too lazy.


Jaaaaa, alsooooo ûwû Das ist einer meiner OCs ~ Von was? Einer Geschichte, die ich schon seit Monaten im Kopf hab XD Und mir immer mal wieder Dinge zu ausdenke owo
Grobes Prinzip: Unsere Welt. Blah. Es gibt magische Kräfte, ja ja. Aber nicht jeder erfährt das. Manchmal entdeckt man das sein Leben lang nicht. Aber die, die es erfahren, haben die Möglichkeit, ihre Magie öffentlich für Gutes oder Schlechtes zu benutzen oder sich zu verstecken, damit die Magie geheim bleibt. In London, wo die Wurzeln der alten Magie sind, haben sich vier Gruppen gebildet, die die Leute aufnehmen, die entfliehen. Sowas halt. Und in einer dieser Gruppen spielt die Geschichte.
Das hier ist Mercury Hetch. Er beherrscht die Magie der Schriften. Kleiner zynischer Arsch(manchmal), der von der Band The Brobecks inspiriert ist.
Er hat immer so einen angeekelten Zug um den Mund, weswegen dieser angewiderte Anblick eigentlich alltäglich ist //D
Ach Mann, hab grad keinen Bock drauf, also: Falls ihr Fragen habt, fragt! Die Beschreibung ist mir gerade zu doof XD

Mercury Hetch (c) mee, BajirasSun

drawing some oc stuff ~ >w<
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: The Brobecks
  • Reading: Heroes of Olympus
  • Watching: The hunger games
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water x3


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
~ ♥ Hallo ~ Hello ~ Hola ~ Bonjour ~ Hej ~ Halló ~ Hei ~ Ciao ~ Konnichiwa ♥ ~

Welcome to my page. ;D

Informations: Artist|Writer|Cosplayer|Hetalia - Fangirl|One Piece - Fangirl|Open - minded|Sensitive|Muddle-headed|Humorous|Idiot|

Loves:Spring|Summer|Love(no matter if hetero/gay/bi)|Short hair|Tea|Sitcoms|To create OCs|Nail polish|Vintage|Colorful things|Fruits|Snow|Romantic|Purple/Yellow/Red|
Dislikes:Grey clouds|Winter|Disputes|Too much critism|People who are too serious|Silence|Ignorance|Moths|Loneliness|

I draw digital since 2010 and I think I improved well. ^,^ My style is not perfect - and my art, too - but I slowly beginn to enjoy drawing again and that's really good. <3
Since April '13 I lost the fun. And that was a sad thing. v.v
But in the new year I'll come back! :'D
With new stuff about my One Piece OCs, Hetalia and own stuff
I hope you will like my drawings. <3

*-. H.E.T.A.L.I.A.-*

Lost my heart to this awesome series in January '13 ♥
So I'm nearly a year in this fandom. <3
I'm glad that I have found Hetalia.
I met fantastic and wonderful people and a very special one. ♥
Through Hetalia I have found my love to write and I can finally draw males! *_* Just because of Hetalia! XD
And I have learned to accept every way of love. Not that I was before an intolerant person but I had my thoughts which wasn't everytime good or nice. But now... no matter if straight, gay or bi, love is love. (:

My absolutely OTP: Denmark x Norway <333 ♥♥

DenNor Is My Hetalia OTP by ChokorettoMilku For all calm DenNor fans by Tea-Strawberry Stamp: NorwayxDenmark by Janbearpig APH: Denmark x Norway Stamp by Chibikaede DenNor stamp by Shouraiey898 .: Denmark x Norway Stamp by ChokorettoMilku RQ: Denmark x Norway by DoctorMLoli Icon - Denmark x Norway by DoctorMLoli DenNor Stamp by LeenDl DenNor Stamp by miki-fanizzy

Second favourite pairing: UK x Japan <3333
Third favourite pairing(s): DenIce/HongIce <33
Guess who can't decide? //D
tumblr: (only German, sorry //D)
Favourite bands:
1. Panic! At the disco
2. Marianas Trench
3. Fall Out Boy
4. Hedley
5. Bastille


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